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Thank You! Thoughts from Juneteenth Event

After three years of uncertainty and exclusively holding sessions virtually, I could not have been more thrilled to be in community with everyone last Monday, Juneteenth. For a long time, I toyed with the idea of setting up a table in Battery Park City (in lower Manhattan) and doing readings during my lunch break. Mostly, it was a fantasy that I would joke about in meetings quite often. Then, I decided to really bring my work outdoors. I am thrilled I did. To be in community is a spiritual act, which I decided was enough to motivate me to participate as a vendor with Juneteenth in Queens, NYC. My experience with everyone who came by my tent is one I will never forget. I learned so much that day, but most importantly, what happens when you simply show up. I decided I would enjoy the experience, (and the music!) period. No pressure for sales or readings. Purely to be in community, on a day marked to commemorate Black folks. By simplifying the goal, the outcome was even greater.

So what dreams or goals can you make less overwhelming? Is there something you want to show up for, that feels like a massive undertaking?

Holla at me.


P.S: thank you to all the folks who texted and called sending their love. I am grateful for each of you.

Check out my IG for more clips.

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