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Intentional Silence

I like to wake up and navigate my mornings with the least amount of noise and distraction. A daily morning practice of silence is instrumental to my mental health. I have never been interested in having conversations with folks, looking at my phone (although I do sometime) or hearing anything other than morning stillness at 6am. My intentional silence allows me a really great sense of peace. The requirement of myself prior to waking up my daughters and getting them ready for the day. For 30-60 minutes, I get to perform my morning routine, without interruption. I realize now, this is a connection to my earlier life, pre-marriage and children, where I first established a routine rooted in my own self-care.

Do you have intentional quiet-time, just for you? Do you make time to remember and reflect on yourself? Before you tell me it’s impossible, I want you to think about it! This isn’t me asking if you meditate, this is simply saying, do you have a daily routine of being quiet. I am still active during my silence. However, I allow myself to go slow, provide care for myself first before I care for others. Whoever said “you can’t pour from an empty cup” ain’t never lied.

Here are some quick tips for implementing your own intentional silence sessions for yourself:

  1. Wake up earlier to slow down the morning hustle. This allows you to make time to remember the things you may have forgotten.

  2. Wrap up your evenings earlier to settle down from the day. Let your loved ones know, you’re on personal time after a certain hour, even for just a few minutes.

  3. Be more mindful during all of your routines. Brushing your teeth, take a few minutes to check your gums. Washing your face? Check your skin for any changes.

Being intentionally focused to have time with ourselves can be life changing. It is during these very personal moments that we call a mini-conference with our mind, body and spirit to make sure everything is on the same page. In the words of the great Katt Williams, “make sure you are keeping in line with your star playa”, which in all cases, is you. Remember, just breathe.

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