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I'm Disappointed... like a motha'

Six months ago, I applied for an internal position within my organization that appeared to be a good fit. Now one thing I do well, is present. Another thing I do pretty well, is interview. Everything seemed positive after my interview rounds. Things got silent and quite a few weeks later, the position was reposted. Very long story short, I just (literally 2.5 hours ago) found out an external candidate was appointed via the organization newsletter. Baby, when I tell you - the dagger of finality hitting me after more than six months of hope?

After two snack-sized packs of M&M's from Halloween and 3 tears that didn't make it my cheek, I decided to be vulnerable for a while. Teary-eyed, I texted two good friends whom are accomplished and familiar with my emotional state of disappointment. One thing about vulnerability, you're going to get some real truth from it. My truth is: I'm amazing and I'm also tired of waiting for an establishment to acknowledge it. This, I realized, is really why I started Magically Sage LLC. I'm a hell of a cheerleader and champion of others. I've championed, cheered, gathered and pushed some of best into their greatness.

So while I'm transitioning from licking my wounds over not being chosen and back into my own magic, how do you handle a kick in the ego from life? Still feelin' the blow from a kick you've had this year? Hit me up so we can lift you back up, too. As you now know, I've been there - as recently as this afternoon. I'll be pulling some cards for myself tonight.

Magically Yours (and currently on a sugar high),


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