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Checking In

Finally, a inexplicable headache I've had for the past two days has subsided and I'm able to form what I hope is a relatively cohesive thought. How are you? Take a deep breath before you answer that question. If you are a Black person in America right now, you have either been asked this question a dozen times in the last week, or, not enough. My intention in this post is not to restate current events. Nor am I writing to share anything frilly or fuzzy to distract you from current events. I am, however, asking from a very earnest place, how you are, right now.

How are you feeling? How are you seeing? How is your being? If nothing feels right and you have found yourself in a multitude of different emotions throughout the day - then you are not alone. For the first time in my social media life, I have considered disconnecting for a while. It occurred to me my headache was indeed explicable and likely related to subjecting my myself to the various emotions surrounding Black trauma. In an effort to protect my sanity and spirit, I realize that it is important for me to identify and strengthen my role as a creative. As an earth sign, this is an on-going challenge. As a super logical Capricorn, baby, this is going to take some serious work. However, this work is incredibly necessary if I want to remain headache free and available to support my community.

My community is you.

So when I asked, in consideration of your full self, how you are, I hope that you spoke or whispered a real answer. If you didn't, that is okay. Speak when ready. I'll be here.

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