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     Jasmine Wrenn is a Life and Spirit Coach who helps men and women connect their natural strengths and skill sets to living a divinely guided life.


     A mother of 2 now, Jasmine started performing energy, oracle and tarot card readings in 2011 when she lost a government position after nearly five years. It was then, she realized how important it is to remain in alignment with spirit and all things unseen as it served to be most helpful in rebounding from job loss.


Through the powerful divination and her resourceful nature, she has successfully helped herself and others recover from loss, step into their personal power and live authentically.   

     Prior to becoming a wife and motherhood, Jasmine spent 6 years as a freelance makeup artist and has been working in government, for profit and non-profit companies for over 20 years. Jasmine is fully aware no one cares she holds Master’s of Science in Urban Affairs but values her studies with Queen Afua, receiving her certification as a Sacred Woman Practitioner in 2012. 

     Between her love of magic, music and tiramisu, Jasmine provides light hearted advice paired with dark humor to co-create attainable life goals with each of her clients. Today, Jasmine offers a wide range of services - from individual coaching and readings, to seminars and keynote speeches.


I'm Jasmine. Nice to meet you!

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