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Jasmine Wrenn is a Life and Spirit Coach who helps men and women connect their natural strengths and skill sets to living a divinely guided life!

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Huron, New Jersey

"It's been a pleasure to watch Jasmine finally share her gift with the world, something her close circle of friends have been privy to for years.  She is a great listener and has the ability to take it all in and turn it around to give you sound advise with thoughtful insight and foresight.  Jasmine's guidance was instrumental to two of the biggest decisions of my life and I am so glad I confided in her."

Tawana, Brooklyn, NY

"Jasmine gave me a reading at the top of the year.  She spoke about me taking a leap of faith and called me out on being a hermit, which nobody knew about.  She spoke about the hurt I refused to bring up because I was always known as the strong one.  She told me my ancestors were waiting on me to call on them and trust them to catch me if I took that leap... and I did!  I took the leap and made myself uncomfortable and watched everything in my life fall into place.  Love found me and I found myself.  I haven't felt this good in a long time and if I didn't get that reading that called me out on my bullsh*t, I know I wouldn't have gotten here.  Thank You!"

Ian, NYC

"It was an ethereal experience.  Jasmine is the truth!  She brings the perfect balance of sarcasm and professionalism.  Hit the Queen and take advantage of the divine science she shares with you!"


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Phone: 516-308-1399

Based in NYC

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